Bengaluru Crime Office Sealed After Wave Hunt Provides Positive Prospects for Covid-19

Bengaluru Crime Office Sealed After Wave Hunt Provides Positive Prospects for Covid-19

The Bengal Central Police Crime Bureau (CCB) was sealed until Sunday after a suspect tested positive for COVID-19, an official said on Saturday (June 13th).

The office was sealed on Friday (June 12) for sanitation.

“The CCB office has been sealed until Sunday following a suspected Ola fraud case proving positive for the virus,” Police Chief Commissioner Kuldeep Jain told IANS.

On the trial of the four suspects in the Ola case who allegedly started lakhs of rupees using the technology after interrogation, one of them was positive.

Used to lock up suspects during police custody, the facility can accommodate up to 10 people.

Different wings of the department like the wings of economic offenses, the anti-narcotics wing and others use the common lock to ward off suspects.

After the suspects or accused are brought to a court and ordered into judicial custody, they are transferred to a larger prison.

Meanwhile, 22 police officers working in the CCB area are subject to institutional quarantine and will be administered Covid tests after five days.

The CCB office is centrally located in this tech city inside the police commissioner’s office on the Infantry Road near Cubbon Park, the High Court and Vidhan Soudha.

Meanwhile, another police station in the city, Shankarpuram, is now being conducted safely after a sub-inspector on leave had a positive test for the virus.

“Shankarpuram police station has not been sealed, it is being sanitized after a sub-inspector of police tested positive,” Deputy Police Commissioner Rohini Katoch Sepat told IANS.

Currently, the infected inspector has been taken to a designated hospital in Dharwad as he is on leave.

“Seven police officers were sent to an institutional quarantine and another 11 to home quarantine,” he said, after the incident.

The inspector is suspected of having caught the infection somewhere while he was taking leave for his wedding and was busy taking the time for the occasion like shopping and other works.

He was also not suspected of being in contact with anyone specifically when he was at the post station.

“We assumed that during his preparation for marriage and going here and there he only contracted the virus. We don’t know exactly. He had never been in any specific bandobast,” she said.

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