Telangana: Dead Asthma Man Attacks On The Road After No One Helps Him In Fear Of Covid-19 Infection

Telangana: Dead Asthma Man Attacks On The Road After No One Helps Him In Fear Of Covid-19 Infection

In a shocking incident, a man suffering from asthma died near the road in Telangana after no one approached to take him to the hospital and neither the ambulance staff came to his rescue on suspicion that he he was a Covid-19 patient.

The 52-year-old man, who continued to ask people around him to take him to hospital, breathed his last before medical personnel in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits could arrive on site.

The terrible incident happened in Chengunta in Medak district in Telangana on Thursday and a heartbreaking moment before the man’s death was captured on camera.

A woman who recorded the video on her phone continued to ask the man, who was standing on the ground next to a tree with the bag under his head.

The man was heard telling people around him that he was a resident of Secunderabad and that he had come to do some work. While feeling ill during the bus ride, he fell on the road in Chegunta.

“I informed my family, but I never thought I would get serious,” she said as she reflected on breathing. He also gave the mobile number to his wife.

However, all those present, including the police did nothing to move him to a hospital. Police had called for an ambulance to arrive after an hour. Even the ambulance staff was reluctant to move the man as they had no PPE kit and suspected him to be a Covid-19 patient.

Police later called another ambulance to evacuate Covid-19 patients but when she arrived at the scene, the man had breathed last.

“Our inquiries revealed that he had fallen ill while returning to Secunderabad from Kamareddy and asked the bus driver to drop him off at Chegunta. He tried to walk towards the hospital but fell on the way,” he said. police officer.

Police informed family members and made the body move to Hyderabad.

Although Srinivas ’family did not file a complaint with the police, his wife and son lamented the“ loss of humanity ”among people in general.

“Instead of transferring him to the hospital which was not far from the place where he was lying, people were asking questions. If someone transferred him to the hospital, his life could have been saved,” he said. son.

The wife of the deceased said he was asthmatic but forgot to keep medicines with him during the trip. She said they had left her home in a cabin for Chegunta after receiving her call, but when they got there it was over.

“If only those who had gathered around my husband had moved him to hospital would have been alive,” she said lamenting that humanity is dead.

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